Saturday, February 28, 2009

ReSdUnG InfO

‘Resdung’ or ‘Sinusitis’ is a mucus blockage or discharge often caused by swelling of mucous membranes and by excess mucus. The symptom is frequently associated with a cold but is also found with other conditions such as cough, ear infection, and tonsil or adenoid infections. Sinusitis blockage can result in discomfort in the ear when changing altitudes such as in an airplane or even in an elevator. The mucus drip can cause chronic coughing. Sinusitis is the body’s way of trying to remove toxins from the body.Sinusitis can be a symptom of various illnesses. The nasal discharge starts out watery but may become thick and yellow. Hay fever or rhinitis can cause a clear discharge, which is also accompanied by sneezing and itchy eyes. An allergy may cause sinusitis with similar symptoms. The allergy may be to a particular food, animal dander or pollen. A case of the flu can bring on sinusitis, which is accompanied by achy joints, fever and headache.Catarrh can also be a reaction to spicy foods, dust, cigarette smoke, over-dry air, or cold, damp conditions. These bouts of sinusitis are usually relatively quick episodes that tend to diminish as soon as the irritant is removed. It is easier to recognize these causes and have control over them.


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